Greetings from AIUTAs General Secretary Maria Chester (left) and Rhonda Weston, Asia Pacific Alliance Chairperson and Conference Chair.

This website provides information on the combined U3A Asia Pacific Alliance and AIUTA International Conference to be held in the Asia Pacific Trade Center, Osaka, on 11th and 12th October 2016

Conference Theme:
U3As Linking the World
Sub-themes: "Active & Healthy Ageing” and “Intergenerational Cooperation”

It will be hosted and organised by U3A Japan, and will be the 7th U3A Asia Pacific Alliance International Conference and the 99th AIUTA Governing Board Meeting and International Conference

There will be a special tour to Kyoto after the two days' conference. It will be accompanied by Mrs. Akiko Tsukatani and Age Concern Japan staff members. In addition there will be a special 12 day cultural tour of five cities, which includes the conference arrangements and payments. Click on the right for full details, in English or in french.


Payment for conference has been simplified for foreign visitors. Just send a digital copy of your return travel document (flight eticket or similar) as evidence of your intention, and you can pay in cash, in yen please, when you register.


Our office is in the ATC Building, 9th floor. For travel directions or contact please email

This version 23rd May 2016